Monday, January 30, 2017

How I Ended up with Punch

Punch on the trailer ride to the farm
I really haven't owned very many horses in my life. I've been very fortunate to have spent the last 9 years at Tamarack riding Denny and May's lovely horses. I originally came to the farm with a horse, but I sold her about a year later. I also had one resale project but I only owned him for a very short time. About two years ago, Denny and May gave me Union, but a little over a year later, his melanoma's got the best of him and I was forced with the decision to put him down.  

Getting a young ottb has been on my mind, but I have always talked myself out of buying one, for one reason or another. This summer, Denny told me he was buying a horse listed on Finger Lakes Finest, and that I was going to go pick it up. So, naturally, I started looking at all the horses listed on their site.

There were two young mares that I liked quite a bit, but one in particular. Denny had been thinking of just getting two horses, since we had an empty slot in the trailer. The day that Sarah Grice and I were going to drive to the track, I asked him if he had seen the little mare, Punch It. He commented on the fact that she was only 3. He didn’t want one that young, and I hadn’t voiced the idea of me buying her yet. That was the end of the conversation for the moment.

A few days after she arrived
Then, that afternoon, I was having a lesson on Tense and he was telling the other person riding that I was going to pick up a horse at the track. He then told her that I was trying to get him to buy me another horse. I told him that I liked her enough that I would buy her! He sort of laughed and again, end of conversation.

The trailer had been getting worked on that day, and wasn't back until around five o'clock, so we got a bit of a later start. Sarah and I planned to drive most of the way to the track and spend the night in a hotel so we could pick up Denny's horse, Portada, at 11am. As we were leaving Denny told me I should go look at Punch It since we would already be there.

On the drive out, I called the trainer listed for Punch. No one answered, so I left a message. On her listing it said that it was a landline and not to call late. As we drove on, and it got later and later, I worried she wouldn't call me back and that it was getting to late for me to call again. I told Sarah, if it didn't work out then that was fine, I sort of didn't need a horse anyway. I wasn’t going to look at any other horses if I didn’t see Punch, I didn’t want to just buy a horse, it needed to be the right horse. Eventually, we were able to connect and the trainer told me she was not at the track, but at a farm down the road. We decided to meet at the track at 10 and she would drive us to see her.

One of her first times hacking
We drove as long as we could and ended up stopping about an hour from the track, for the night. The next morning, on our way to Finger Lakes, May called me. She told me that Denny showed her the pictures of Punch It, and that she was beautiful, but not to buy her just because of that. I agreed, I said if there is anything I don't like about her, I won't get her. I said that I would be very critical, again, I didn't really need a horse.

So, we get to the track, and the trainer drives us to see Punch. I look in the stall, turn to Sarah and say, I want to get her! All practical thinking out the window! Sarah gave me a look, and I tried to be more serious and watched her jog and looked at her legs. She jogged quietly past a horse rearing, incessantly in the next stall. I thought, that's pretty good! She did move a little wide up front but not terribly, I went outside to call May and discuss what I saw, before making an offer.
First time jumping!
I told May that I thought she maybe moves a little wide up front, but not terribly. She told me that since she is only 3, she will likely straighten out as she grows.  She proceeded to say that she I didn't see any reason not to get her! Ha! So, I made them an offer, which they accepted and we picked up Portada at the track, swung by and picked up Punch, and off we went.

The trip home was uneventful, they traveled super well. I was really excited but, I wasn't 100% sure, whether I bought her or Denny did. When we got back to the farm, Denny asked if I bought her for myself, I said yeah, if that's ok. And he said, yeah that's fine. So, turns out I bought a horse!

We gave her about two months off and I slowly started to work with her. Once I started riding her, we started taking her out hacking and she could not have been any better. Now, she seems like an old pro out on the trails. We are now starting baby flat work, and jumped her over a few tiny jumps for the first time a couple of days ago.

It is always a risk buying a horse, especially one you can only watch jog in hand (and don’t vet). She wasn't expensive, so it seemed like an ok risk. I could not be any happier with her, she is exactly the kind of horse I like. After not owning one for a long time, I think the idea of buying one was a little daunting but, it all seems to be working out. We will see what the future holds!


  1. I can't wait to see how her future unfolds with you!

  2. She seems like such a lovely little horse and I am excited to see where she goes in your capable hands!